IOA News Letters Summary

A collaborative pre-competitive research club, the OTEC Group of the Ocean Renewable Energy Technology (ORET) Club, was set up recently under the UK Department of Trade and Industry's Wealth from the Oceans' Programme. The Club consists of consultants and research laboratories and their aim is to stimulate and participate in research into OTEC technology that will lead to the development and demonstration of marketable UK versions of the said technology. Currently, the UK has expertise in following areas:

strt174 Support Structures-UK offshore engineering skills;
strt174 Seawater System-pumps, pipes, flexible risers;
strt174 Heat Exchangers-materials technology;
strt174 Power Generation-low pressure turbines; and
strt174 Power Distribution-submarine cables, synthetic fuel cells.


It is their opinion that ocean thermal energy conversion offers important potential for local and global scale energy production, and for international collaboration. They hope that collaborative work will be possible with other nations. Persons interested in their activities may contact Mr. Tim Downs,Programmes Manager, The Marine Technology Directorate Limited UK, for further information.