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Embarquez avec des scientifiques, des ingénieurs et des marins pour une navigation-exploration des relations avec l'océan, le climat et les énergies marines dans la perspective du changement climatique 

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IOA News Letters Summary

Carrie Matsuzaki
Member, IOA, Contributing Editor of its Newsletter

The informal meeting of IOA was called to order by acting chair Dr. Paul Yuen on June 2, 1995 at the Pacific Convention Plaza in Yokohama, Japan. At the opening of the meeting, Dr. Yuen announce a letter from Dr. C.Y. Li to all attendance. In attendance at the meeting were:


Mori, Yasuo
Kajikawa, Takenobu
Nakashima, Toshimitsu
Toyota, Takayoshi
Morino, Kimio
Ikegami, Yasuyuki
Takazawa, Hiroyuki


Wang, J.H.
Su, Tar-Zen
Cheng, T.R.


Yuen, Paul
Vadus, Joseph
Takahashi, Patrick
Matsuzaki, Carrie

Agenda items discussed:

1. DOWA Research in Japan, chaired by Dr. Takenobu Kajikawa
  1. Dr. Kajikawa summarized the research being done with respect to DOWA (deep ocean water applications) in Japan. There are a number of projects being done, under the auspices of government laboratories, universities, prefectures and private companies.
  2. Mr. Takayoshi Toyota from JAMSTEC discussed the R&D being done at Kochi Artificial Upwelling Laboratory (KAUL). KAUL has two deep ocean water pipes to support research in a cascade system where the DOW is used in succession for refrigeration, animal culture and then algae culture.
  3. Dr. Kimio Morino from Shimizu Corporation described the cold water pipe for the Toyama facility. The facility uses the DOW for breeding, aquaculture, air conditioning, food processing, and other activities.
  4. Dr. Yasuyuki Ikegami from Saga University presented the research being done on OTEC, using the Kalina cycle and the new cycle. Research projects involve power generation, evaporator research, transmission of heat in condensers, materials for evaporators and condensers, and turbines/pumps.
  5. Mr. Hiroyuki Takazawa from Electrotechnical Laboratory of MITI described research on open-cycle OTEC. Experiments being conducted involve a direct contact heat exchanger with a packed column.
2. Discussion regarding OI 96, chaired by Mr. Joseph Vadus

Michel Gauthier has suggested that IOA return to Brighton to participate in OI 96 and that IOA offer papers scattered through the conference to educate others about DOWA and OTEC. Mr. Vadus has discussed IOA's participation in OI 96 with Dr. C.Y. Li. Both Mr. Vadus and Dr. Li expressed concern that since OI 96 is only ten months away that it would be difficult to put a good program together and that IOA should maintain its visibility by having a separate session. Mr. Vadus suggests that IOA join

OI in the Pacific when it holds a conference from April 10-12, 1997 at the World Trade Center in Singapore.

The meeting attendees concur that OI 96 is too soon and that IOA should join OI Pacific Rim in 1997.

Mr. Vadus recommends that IOA start with two committees. One committee will be the organizing committee with Honorary Chair Dr. C.Y. Li; the other will be a technical committee with suggested members from various parts of the world.

Recommended Organizing Committee:
Dr. C.Y. Li, Honorary Chair
Dr. Paul Yuen
representatives from Japan
representatives from Taiwan
Recommended Technical Program Committee:
Don Lennard, Australia
Michel Gauthier, Europe
Joseph Vadus, Washington, DC
Luis Vega, Hawaii
Takenobu Kajikawa, Japan
J.H. Wang, Taiwan, ROC

Mr. Wang will serve as the facilitator/coordinator. Mr. Vadus will inform Spearhead and Michel Gauthier of decisions made.

A planning meeting is proposed for January of 1996 for a location somewhere in the Pacific-Taiwan, Singapore, Hawaii are suggested locations.

After some discussion about the title for the conference, the meeting attendees voted for the suggestion of IOA 97, Deep Ocean Water Applications.

3. Improvement of IOA Newsletter, chaired by Mr. J. H. Wang

Mr. Wang noted that the Secretariat has put out 25 newsletters over the past five years with mailing to over 20 nations with 670 on the mailing list. He said they have a need for more papers to include and suggested a change in the editorial staff to help find more papers. It was suggested that the presentations by the Japanese would be excellent news articles.

Suggestions from the members for new editorial staff:
Toshimitsu Nakashima from Japan
J.H. Wang from Taiwan, ROC
Don Lennard from Australia
Martin Brown from the UK
Luis Vega from the US

Mr. Wang recommends that we rotate the editor-in-chief to keep the newsletter current and with a continual supply of articles.

4. Strengthening IOA Core Group, chaired by Dr. Paul Yuen

Mr. Vadus suggests that IOA mission should be to see how best we can get a commercial OTEC facility up and running. Without a demonstration of the principle, it will be difficult to convince people that OTEC is indeed beneficial.

A discussion about changing the name to IOA for International OTEC DOWA Association was made (in order to emphasize DOWA). Another suggestion was to keep IOA and rename the organization International Ocean Association. Both suggestions are recommended to the editorial staff for consideration.

Another suggestion is to add an environmental person to the core group. Suggestions are needed for this individual.

It was also proposed that IOA have a regular symposium so that researchers in the area can plan on attending such a symposium to present the results of their research.

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