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Embarquez avec des scientifiques, des ingénieurs et des marins pour une navigation-exploration des relations avec l'océan, le climat et les énergies marines dans la perspective du changement climatique 

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IOA News Letters Summary

Mr. Takayoshi Ota of Shimizu Corporation of Japan made a presentation on the new technological development of larger (2-3 meter diameter) cold water pipe design in the recent IOA Planning Meeting held in Taiwan. This type of pipe is called "HDPE" and is made from coiled piping and heat formed polyethelyne plastic which are wound onto a drum to achieve proper roundness and diameter. A series of figures were shown to explain the design and fabrication techniques developed by a company in West Germany. Mr. Ota requested that Mr. Bart Van der Pot of Delta Marine in the Netherlands, assist in describing the actual manufacturing process since his company was also interested in using this type of cold water pipe. Mr. Van der Pot indicated that this process has been licensed to companies in Japan and Malaysia. His company's interest in the HDPE was for a proposed 150 KWe OTEC project in Indonesia which is being sponsored by the Indonesian and Netherlands governments. In his description of the HDPE pipe manufacture he noted that it is hot fusion bonded and can be made in a variety of wall designs (thickness, stiffening rings, etc.) and can be produced in any length (section length is limited by transportation capability from factory to job site). Mr. Ota concluded by saying that there does not seem to be much of a technical or manufacturing problem to get such cold water pipe needed for the 5 MWe sized prototype plant. The major problem will be in its rigging and installation at the job site.

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