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Embarquez avec des scientifiques, des ingénieurs et des marins pour une navigation-exploration des relations avec l'océan, le climat et les énergies marines dans la perspective du changement climatique 

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IOA News Letters Summary

As suggested by many participants during the first IOA planning meeting last December, it was important that a charter/by-laws be developed as the fundamental organizational document and should be done as soon as possible; Dr. Paul C. Yuen of the University of Hawaii offered to undertake this task and prepared a draft that was subsequently submitted to the Core Group for comments and amendments Based on the suggestions provided by the Core Group members, Dr. Yuen revised the draft and completed the second version which covered following sections 1) Name, including the association's interests; 2)Purpose, Mission and Objectives;3)Activities of the IOA;4)Membership; 5)Offers, including election of officers and terms of service as well as duties of officers; 6) Working Group; 7)Meetings; 8)Source of Funds, including dues to be collected and funds for special projects; 9)Expenditure of Funds; 10) Voting; 11) Standing Committees; and 12) Charter Changes.

The name of the organization, as stated in the Charter, shall be the International OTEC/DOWA Association (IOA), where OTEC refers to "ocean thermal energy conversion" and DOWA refers to "deep ocean water applications".

IOA interests include, but are not limited to , energy generation (OTEC), mariculture, fresh water production, refrigeration, air conditioning, agricultural applications. and others.

The charter describes IOA as a multinational, non-profit, non-political, activist and dedicated to the full and environmentally-acceptable utilization of the deep ocean water resource. The IOA provides a means for the collection, exchange and dissemination of information regarding ocean thermal energy conversion and deep ocean water applications to all parties interested in OTEC and DOWA projects.

The IOA will promote international cooperation in basic and applied research for better under-standing and utilization of the natural resources associated with deep ocean water. Potential areas of research include physical, chemical and biological oceanograhpy ; development of enabling technologies adapted for OTEC/DOWA; assessment of the impacts of OTEC/DOWA on the marine environment and recommendations for environmental protections; and economic and sociological problems related to OTEC/DOWA developments.

The objectives of the IOA are to:

strt174 Initiate, coordinate, conduct, facilitate or support those OTEC/DOWA projects which require international cooperation and participation;
strt174 Coordinate presently dispersed efforts in the promotion, development and use of OTEC/DOWA resources;
strt174 Exchange and integrate scientific technical and economic information among OTEC/DOWA working groups;
strt174 Address the need for the development of the OTEC/DOWA resources and to emphasize the clean energy concept as well as the multiple product outputs possible with OTEC/DOWA;
strt174 Enhance the development and application of sciences and technology related to both OTEC and DOWA;
strt174 Inform and advise governments and their agencies about the state of the art and economic development opportunities available with OTEC/DOWA as well as the requirements necessary to ensure effective progress ;and
strt174 Keep the general public informed regarding OTEC/DOWA activities.

The IOA will support all activities mentioned above. Other activities include:

strt174 Newsletter
A newsletter which includes articles of interest to IOA shall be distributed to all dues paying members. Other individuals/organizations interested in IOA may subscribe for a fee to be determined by the Executive Committee.
strt174 Sponsorship of conferences, meetings, seminars, etc..
During its formative years the association may coordinate its meetings, conferences, etc. with other internationally established organizations whose interest are synergistic
to the IOA. This will be done to expand the IOA interaction, promote broader awareness of OTEC/DOWA as well as to stimulate attendance.
strt174 Special projects related to OTEC/DOWA
The IOA shall foster specific cooperative international projects.
strt174 Personnel exchange
The IOA will facilitate personnel exchange among research institutes conducting OTEC/DOWA related research.


The charter clearly stated that the IOA is a professional organization whose members are involved with or interested in the development of OTEC/DOWA technology and closely related activities. Hence, membership in the IOA shall be open to individuals, government agencies, companies, research organizations, academic entities, and other organizations/professionals interested in OTEC/DOWA technology and related activities. Two categories of membership were suggested. These categories are:

strt174 Individuals-persons interested in OTEC/DOWA technology and related activities. This class of membership shall be registered under the individual's name.
strt174 Organizations-government agencies, companies, research organizations, academic entities, other . This class of membership shall be registered under the organization's name. The organization will designate one person and an alternate. one of whom will represent the organization at meetings, receive IOA correspondence, and perform other duties necessary for IOA business.

The draft also described the elections of the officers and their duties. Officers to be elected include a chairman, vice chairman, general secretary, treasurer and two directors . Each officer will serve a two years term of office. In the first election, in order to stagger the terms of office, three offices will serve for one year :vice chairman, treasurer and one director. Thereafter, all officers will serve two years terms. Officers may be re-elected.
Funds for the operation of the association as suggested in thedraft will be obtained by assessing dues from members and from funds obtained for special projects.

strt174 Dues shall be collected on a calendar year basis (i.e. for membership from Jan-31). Members joining after January 1will pay dues for the year on a prorated basis. The amount of the dues shall be determined by the Executive Committee. Dues shall be structured according to category of membership. Two categories shall be available;

1.Individual membership for persons concerned with OTEC/DOWA activities.

2.Group membership for government agencies, companies, research organizations, academic institutions and other organizations;

strt174 Funds for Special Projects. The association will under-take special projects as described in Section II. In those cases where resources are needed for the successful undertaking of the project, such resources shall be collected by the treasurer or the treasurer's designee.


Funds collected by dues and other means will be used to support expenses incurred in the publication of the newsletter and activities of the Secretariat or Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will approve all expenditures.

The draft proposed that the IOA would form three Standing Committees.

strt174 Executive Committee.
Members of this committee shall be the elected officers(chairman ,vice chairman, general secretary, treasurer and two directors). This committee shall be the governingbody for the Association.
strt174 Newsletter Committee.
This committees is responsible for the content of the newsletter and its distribution. Committee members will be selected by the Executive Committee.
strt174 Special Committees.
Special committees may be established by the Executive Committee as necessary. Membership and functions will be determined by the Executive Committee .


This version of charter will be further discussed during the 2nd planning meeting scheduled in the spring of 1991, and the final version will be submitted for adoption in the first general IOA Conference, to be held possibly before the end of 1991.

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