IOA News Letters Summary

John P. Craven, Common Heritage Corp., U.S.A.

A low technology, low cost deep ocean water recovery system utilizing commercially available components was designed for self sufficient tropical coastal villages.  The product subsystems of this design are a) the electrical power and transportable fule system b) the cold utilization system c) the nutrient utilization system.  Components of the cold utilization system are 1) air conditioning 2) industrial cooling 3) fresh water generation and 4) cold water agriculture.  On completion of the design it was ascertained that the cold water agriculture system (ColdAg) was not sufficiently developed.  Accordingly an experimental farm was established at the Natural Energy Laboratory Hawaii for the development of the spatial configuration of a cold distribution system that would create micro-climates and micro seasons for the commercial production of a  wide variety of organically grown agricultural products.  The cold distribution system utilizes irrigation piping (without holes) which are embedded at appropriate depths in the ground for the establishment of soil temperatures.  Deep ocean water passes through these pipes and cools the soil to temperatures as low as 10 degrees Celsius.  Aluminium heat exchanger walls are employed for the establishment of cool and cold air temperatures and for the production of fresh water condensate.   More than seventy five varieties of spring, summer and fall crops have been successfully tested.  Crops include a wide variety of leaf vegetables, berries, root crops, tubers, fruit trees, herbs, gourds, etc.  The crops are characterized by high yields, rapid growth and high sugar contents. The paper describes the development experience with descriptions of the appropriate cooling configurations and artificial seasons for each type of crop including numerous photographs of the plants and produce.   This farm is unique in all the world.