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Embarquez avec des scientifiques, des ingénieurs et des marins pour une navigation-exploration des relations avec l'océan, le climat et les énergies marines dans la perspective du changement climatique 

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IOA News Letters Summary

Dept. of Oceanography, University of Southampton, Southampton Oceanography Centre, European Way, Southampton SO14 3ZH, U.K.


Corrections to the article published in IOA Newsletter Vol.8, No.1/Spring 1997:

Page 5, column A, line 45. Sentence should read:
¡§ The distance at Punta Tuna to the cold water resource is approximately 2-3 km, giving an average calculated slope 
   angle of about 26¢X. ¡¨
Page 5, column A, line 58. Sentence should read:
¡§ Using slope angle and FRP density, it is estimated that the average shear stress acting on a 100m length of pipe
  would be approximately 103N. ¡¨
Page 5, column B, line 14. Sentence should read:
¡§ These studies indicated that, for 100 x 200 MW moored plants, after 30 years operation there would be a decrease
     in surface temperature of about 0.05 ¢J , and a gain of 0.8 ¢J at 500m depth. ¡¨
Page 5, column B, line 32. The sentence,
¡§ The Martin and Roberts temperature model does not, however, allow for the addition or removal of heat by surface
    and deep water currents flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, while the Pritchard current model assumes the existence of
    an infinitely deep and motionless bottom layer. ¡¨ should follow the sentence, on Page 5, column B, line 26:
¡§ The thermocline would be raised about 15m. ¡¨
Page 5, column B, line 43. The sentence,
¡§ No changes in sea temperature or interaction with island coastal circulation have been observed as a result of the Hawaiian plant operation (Tom Daniel ¡V Pers. Comm). ¡¨ Should follow the corrected position of the sentence ¡§ The Martin and Roberts temperature model ¡K¡¨ detailed in 4 (above).
Page 5, column B, lines 38, 39, 40:
For ¡§ kW/hr ¡¨ , read ¡§ /kWhr ¡¨ .
Page 7, column A, line 28:
For ¡§ 5x1011 ¡¨ , read ¡§ 5 x 1011 ¡¨ .
Page 7, column A, line 28:
For ¡§ 3.54 x 106 ¡¨ , read ¡§ 3.54 x 106 ¡¨ .
Page 7, column B, lines 3, 7, 17:
For ¡§ 106 ¡¨ , read ¡§ 106 ¡¨ .
Page 7, column B, line 12:
For ¡§ 104 ¡¨ ,read ¡§ 104 ¡¨ .
Page 7, column B, line 14:
For ¡§ m3 ¡¨ , read ¡§ m3 ¡¨ .


See IOA Newsletter Vol 3, NO. 2&3/Summer & Autumn 1992. Europe OTEC/DOWA Workshop held in Brussels.

ii from Greek"kratos": power and Europe Eurocrate is the familiar name sometime given to European civil servants in Brussels.

iii source EUROSTAT.

iv EMU :Europe Monetary Unit.

v The Europe MP are elected by universal suffrage since 1973.Since the beginning of the construction of Europe the Parliament    has gained more and more influence in the decisions making procedures of the Europe Union.

vi white paper for a community strategy and action plan note: "Energy for the future:renewable sources of energy".

vii Curiously, in the Commission's white paper the 240 MW "La Rance" tidal power plant situated in Normandy was omitted in the 1995's share See Table 2.

viii DOWA concepts using water salinity and temperature gradient or water and air gradient during winter and in high latitude zone are not considered here.

ix See also IOA Newsletter Vol. 9 NO 1/Spring 1998 «The UK includes OTEC/DOWA in the Marine Technology Energy Foresight Programme»

x "Donnees economiques Maritimes Francaises." Service d' economie maritime. IFREMER December 1997.

xi In the past the G. Claude « La Tunisie enterprise is an other example of this worldwide view of OTEC market for European industry see IOA Newsletter Vol 2, NO. 1&2/Spring & Summer 1991." The pioneer OTEC Operation: 1a Tunisie".

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